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What Is the Meaning of Mammona? | A powerful demon

Mammona, or Mammon as it is mentioned in the New Testament, can mean a few things, but they are all in connection to money or wealth. Believed to be the “God of Money,” Mammonna is something that the Bible associates with greed and selfishness. There are two Gospels (Luke and Matthew) that quote Jesus when referring to Mamon, “You cannot serve both God and Mammon.”

And since the middle ages, it was considered one of the “seven princes of Hell.” Nowadays, when referring to the “God of Wealth,” Christians mean to describe money or riches that were maliciously or unjustly gained.

The Bishop of Nyssa, Gregory, was the first one to imply that Mammon was in fact, the demon Beelzebub. Since this comment was made public, many people in history, priests, historians, and scholars accepted the idea that Mammon might be the God of greed and selfishness, the one who teaches people to harm in order to gain more and more riches.

And as we all know, greed is considered the “Devil’s eye,” just another evil way to turn humanity against God. And when God seeks money instead of love, that is viewed as a sin.


Why Should You Learn About “The God of Money?”

It is extremely important for Christians to understand their history to make sure they are doing all the necessary things to reach Heaven’s Gates and stand next to God in His spectacular kingdom. Sometimes we forget that Christians before us lived a more challenging life. What nowadays seems simple and easy for you, but for someone who lived when Jesus did, not so much.

For example: Going to church. For you, it is just another activity that brings you closer to the Divinity. You either walk to church, or you get in a car, and suddenly you are there. For the early Christians, this was a challenge because they were persecuted at any step.

A good lesson that Mammona teaches us is always to appreciate what we have. Always remember God will give you exactly what you need in order to fulfill your purpose on His Earth, the Earth that He created. Refrain from chasing fake Gods. The God of Money might sound appealing, especially if you are in a place of your life right now where you could really use some money.

The reality is that these evil entities never give you anything out of the kindness of their hearts. As a matter of fact, they don’t even have hearts. They never care for humanity because they are not tied to us like God is. God loves humans because they are His children. As our Almighty Father, He cares about us and wants us to do good.


Why Is “The God of Wealth” Bad?

People often ask why Mammona is terrible. How can the money be wrong if we all need money to survive? How can God hate money, but He left us here on Earth fending for ourselves, searching for whatever brings us money in order to be able to feed our families? Well, it’s crucial to understand that God never “left” us.

He is always watching us and making sure we are living life exactly as He intended it. On the topic of money, back in the day, most people were poor. And most people made trades. For example: if you needed milk but you had eggs from your chickens, you would trade with your neighbor.

This is how the human connection came to flourish. The 70 disciples were told to go before Him and spread the word of His kindness. But they were told not to touch anything that did not belong to them. God never teaches us to be greedy. Yes, money is a big part of modern life, but money is not everything. You can treat money as just something else that you can trade with, but you should never dedicate your life to them.

When He said you couldn’t serve Him and Mammona, that was Him saying you can’t follow another God, another Father, for He is the only one that matters, the only one who cares about you and wants to see you next to Him in the afterlife. The “God of Wealth,” or Mammona, is not and will never be capable of offering you what God can.


How Can You Make Sure You Don’t Follow Mammona?

Remember the story of Barak from the Bible. He was facing an army much more significant than his, and the odds were not in his favor, yet our Lord walked before him and sent out a massive storm that destroyed most of the enemy’s army, helping Barak to achieve his victory. There is no entity capable of doing what God can.

To make sure you stay away from Mamon, the only thing you have to do is to continue on your Christian path. Use the money because this is how the modern world works, but never treat it like it is God-given. Even if you are facing some problems right now, never forget that God listens. Ask Him for money, don’t look for another “God” because all you will find is destruction, pain, guilt, and shame.

If you want to be a good Christian, walk proudly in front of God. Just to remind you, there is nobody that you need to impress, nobody that can judge you. The only one that can do so is God Himself. Whoever or whatever Mammona is, a demon, a fake God, or just a legend, don’t feed into that narrative.

Please don’t search for it, and don’t let it find you. Always walk with love in your heart and always thank the Lord for everything that He gave you, material or not. But most importantly, don’t sacrifice yourself for money or any riches. Riches come and go; God is infinite, as is His love for you. Be patient; God never forgets about His children. And if you are going through a rough patch, tell yourself the sun always comes after the rain. That is God and His power.