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Where Is the Biggest St. Joseph Cathedral?

The biggest Catholic Church that carries the name of Saint Joseph is located in the city of Hanoi, Vietnam. The St. Joseph Cathedral is extremely known throughout the world of Christians, and people from all corners of the world come here in search of wisdom and peace. At the same time, this grand Cathedral serves as one of the most visited places in the city of Hanoi. It’s home to impressive architecture and, given the name it bears, vast history.

The St. Joseph Cathedral was constructed in the 19th century but has since been subject to many renovations. The people of Vietnam consider him their patron saint.

Although the biggest St. Joseph Cathedral is in Vietnam, there are hundreds, if not more, churches named after the beloved saint. In some countries, like Romania, the Cathedral named after Joseph is “the” Cathedral of the Catholics of the region. The façade and interior of this famous Cathedral are the main points of interest. It is also a lot bigger and can host more people than the average Church in the area.

As a matter of fact, whenever Catholics in Bucharest gather for Christmas Mass or Easter Mass, or any other big religious celebration, they march singing toward St Joseph’s. It is also one of the oldest cathedrals in Bucharest, being built in 1875.


Does the Saint Joseph Cathedral Have a Parish?

Yes, the parish in the area surrounding the famous Bucharest Catholic Cathedral has been around since 1900. However, there are records showing the first baptism was celebrated here on February 4th in the year 1884. In the beginning, it is said that the parish covered more than half the territory of the city of Bucharest, but for a more effective way to care for the Christians, between 1990 and 1991, the Church decided to establish six more parishes. The St. Joseph Cathedral Parish currently covers a small area in downtown Bucharest around the Cathedral. This is also due to the “celebrity status” of the Cathedral.

The community living within the parish consists of close to 480 families or about 1700 people. But if you think about it, 1700 people for one Cathedral, it’s a lot. Unlike other churches and cathedrals from the other corners of the globe, this Cathedral mainly celebrates Mass in the national language, which is Romanian. However, they do host a few Masses in Spanish for the diplomats who are currently delegated in Romania.

Despite being so popular among the Catholics in the area, you might be shocked to find out that this holy ground is considered a minority. That is because the majority of Romanians are Christian Orthodox.

Therefore, if you would like to visit this amazing place, know there are plenty of things to see inside and outside of it. The façade is absolutely breathtaking, and the inside will remind you a lot of an old, medieval-looking church. And for how old it is, it sure will leave a lasting impression on you.

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What Is Saint Joseph the Patron Of?

It’s true that most Christians love Saint Joseph. Some because they consider him a pure person, others because he represents true love. There are some facts about our beloved saint. If you ever wanted to thank someone for the free day on “Labor Day,” thank Saint Joseph. It’s thanks to him that we can now relax with our families and take a break from work, even if it is just for a day. The history behind this is very simple. In the year 1955, Pope Pius XII decided to call the day of May 1st the Feast of Saint Joseph, the Worker.

As you probably remember from the Bible, Joseph was one of the hardest-working people. There are several notes mentioning him as a hard worker, a carpenter, or even an architect. Although we might only find out what the original script said after the millions of translations that occurred, one thing is certain. He was a hard-working father. Let’s remember the most important role that he had in the Holy Book.

He was God’s chosen one to protect His son, Jesus Christ, Earth-side. Saint Joseph is considered the patron of all workers, fathers, immigrants, travelers, and families. In some countries, he is even considered the protector of that entire country. Vietnam is a very good example.

Any St. Joseph Cathedral is also viewed as sacred—a Holy Place where people go to feel protected. There are even places that keep the light on at all times so that travelers know Saint Joseph is always with them, guiding and protecting them.


Where Did Joseph Come From?

Although not much is known about Joseph in the Bible after God chose him to be the earthly father of Jesus Christ, it is speculated by many scholars and historians that Joseph descended from royalty and that he is blood-related to the beloved David.

If you did not already know this, David was considered “God’s favorite human.” He was also the first king of Israel. He was extremely special because he always believed in God, even when nobody would, and always did “good in the eyes of the Lord,” according to the Holy Book. And he was blessed by God and was rewarded for his undying loyalty.

Much like David, Joseph put his trust in God and always showed unimaginable faith. He was more than willing to care for Jesus and His mother, Mary. We will probably never know why God chose him to be Jesus Christ’s father, but one thing is for certain, God never makes mistakes.

Let this be a lesson for you. God will never miss. And there are definitely no coincidences in life. If he chooses someone to enter or exit your life, you best believe it was for a good reason. Maybe Joseph was related to David, maybe not. What matters is that he proudly served God and died a Saint.

Whatever St. Joseph Cathedral you frequent or visit in your lifetime, if a religious institution carries the name of Joseph, know he is watching over you and your loved ones.