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Who is Jacob in the Bible summary. What did Jacob do in the Bible?

In the Bible summary Jacob was a great man, an example of courage, faith, and bravery before all, including God. Because he dared to fight Him, he is known for the biblical episode in which he was his brother’s deceiver. But also for his 12 signs because God blessed him with 12 children who became kings of the world and great leaders.

Jacob in the Bible summary, is the son of Isaac and the second-born brother of Esau, who fought with his brother and took the right of the firstborn—described by the Bible as a hero¹ of faith and prophet who returned to God after a supreme rebellion from Rebekah’s womb. Because of his courageous actions, he ranked among the most famous Bible verses affirming God as the God of Abram, Isaac, and Jacob. That is to say, he is the one who became the legal heir² to the inheritance of the promise God made to Abram.

He had two wives and two concubines. He was not like his father, Isaac, who then chose to remain loyal to one woman but chose to be with more than one woman because of the lust and rebellion he had in his character. Jacob fell away only after he genuinely received his biblical blessing.

Who was Jacob?

When God rescued the Israelites from bondage in Egypt, they camped together in the desert, and each tribe gathered in its own more minor camp. After building the desert tabernacle under God’s command, the tribes camped around it to remind them that God was their king and protector. Eventually, the Israelites entered the Promised Land, but they had to drive out the pagan tribes already living there. Even though they were divided into 12 tribes, the Israelites recognized that they were a unified people under God and were part of the tribe of the children of Israel.

Jacob, also called Israel, is a patriarch of the Bible who obtained his birthright through deception. His accomplice was Rebekah, his mother, and his wife, Isaac.

Jacob decided to entice his brother into giving him the right of first birth by luring him with a blunderbuss of delicious lentil food. And he succeeded. After this exploit, he also took his blessing from Isaac, cheating him. He fled to Mesopotamia because he was afraid of his brother, and afterward, he was shown a ladder of Heaven in a dream. The end of this chapter led to Laban, their uncle, who intended to kill him, but God changed his mind. Thus Jacob met his wives, Rachel and Leah, and subsequently became rich. Jacob left for Canaan but feared his brother, whom he had not seen for 132 years since he was 15.

Biography of Jacob

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Biblical places from Jacob’s journey

  1. Babylon- Was Babylon a biblical place?
  2. Canaan- Where is this location?
  3. Edom- Is Edom a land?
  4. Mesopotamia- The region of Mesopotamia

What is the character of Jacob?

Jacob in the Bible summary, is a hero of faith because, after his battle with God, he even fought a man, God, until dawn. And when he saw that he could not overcome him, he answered that he would not leave him until he received the blessing of the Highest. And then it was time to change his name from Jacob, the one who had deceived his family and betrayed God in Israel. Israel symbolizes the struggle³ he had with Jacob. And Jacob in the Bible summary asked his opponent’s name. And so, he was blessed.

Jacob had the character of a brave hero who defeated everyone, and he didn’t even care about his relatives. Only his own. And so his brother Esau hated Jacob because of the blessing his father had given him, and he said to himself, The days of mourning for my father are coming; then I will kill my brother Jacob. 

When Rebekah heard of the plans of Esau, her eldest son, she sent for Jacob, her youngest son, and said to him, Your brother Esau is reconciled to the thought that he will kill you. Therefore, my son, listen to me. Run to my brother Laban in Haran at once, and stay with him until your brother’s hatred subsides. Until his anger toward you reduces, what you have done to him. Then I will send it to you and bring you back from there.

Key Verse related to Jacob

Also, one of the sons would be more robust and older. He would serve the younger one.

Genesis 25:23 (NIV) 

jacob in the bible

What does Jacob symbolize in the Bible?

After the flood and the mingling of tongues, with the election of Abram (the grandfather of Jacob), whose name would be changed to Abraham, a new period in human history began. As God saw fit to choose men to form a line of generations from which His Son would be born for the salvation of humanity. God covenantal promised Abraham and his descendants the land stretching from the Euphrates River southwestward forever.

Abraham’s faith was demonstrated either by taking over, through symbolic acts, the land given to him by God or by occupying it as the leader of the people, by several races living through the ground, after defeating others who had previously ruled it. And God kept His covenant to Abram through Jacob.

According to some, the name Jacob comes from Hebrew and would mean “God defended” (Ya’akobh). Biblical tradition defines it as “the one who holds on to the heel. Then his brother came forth from his mother’s womb, holding Esau by the heel with his hand. Therefore, we named him Jacob.

He preached the Gospel in many places, reaching as far as Spain. Returning to Jerusalem, he was to suffer many torments at the hands of the Jews. Jacob in the Bible summary, is full of the grace of the Holy Spirit through his words of the grace of the Holy Spirit. After Pentecost, the Holy Apostle Lazarus preached the Gospel in many places, reaching as far as Spain.

Why did Jacob wrestle with God?

Jacob in the Bible summary, went on his way, and the angels of God met him. When Jacob saw them, he said: This is the camp of God. Therefore he called the place Mahanaim. Jacob sent messengers to his brother Esau in the land of Seir, in Edom. And he commanded them, saying, This is what you shall say to my Lord Esau. Thus saith thy servant Jacob; I have dwelt in Laban and abided there until now. I have oxen, asses, sheep, servants, and maidservants. And I send to tell this thing unto my Lord, that I may obtain passage before thee.

Jacob wrestled with God to ask for His blessing and to prove that he was worthy of the title of the firstborn and the good life.

After this episode, the soldiers turned back to Jacob and said: We have gone to your brother Esau, who comes before you with four hundred men. Jacob, in the Bible summary, was greatly terrified, and terror seized him. And he divided the men that were with him, the sheep, the oxen, and the camels, into two camps, and said: If Esau comes against one of the camps and beats it, the camp that remains will be able to escape.

Primary Takeaways

  • Jacob was the one who faced the battle with God, and God let him win, blessing him.
  • He was his mother’s favorite, who helped him to acquire a right that did not belong to him. Returning to Jerusalem, he was to suffer many torments at the hands of the Jews. The Holy Apostle James, through his words, is full of the grace of the Holy Spirit. After Pentecost, the Holy Apostle Lazarus preached the Gospel in many places, reaching as far as Spain. Returning to Jerusalem, he was to suffer many torments at the hands of the Jews. At the end of his journey, he was full of the grace of the Holy Spirit.
  • At the end of his life, he received forgiveness from his brother. But one of his nephews killed Esau, his brother.


The Lord did not choose Jacob, but he struggled before his creation for God to see him. God turned His face to him and blessed him with a 147-year-old life, just like his brother’s, and a reconciliation with Esau.