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Who Is Satan? 😈 | Where Did The Devil Come From?

Satan tries to discourage Christians. He tempts us to sin and keeps us from believing in God. He is our enemy. We don’t see him, but he exists and fights against us. Jesus Himself, in His prayer, asked the Father to keep us from the evil one (John 17:15). Reading this article, you will understand who Satan is, the ruler of this world.

Satan is the one Scripture calls “the evil one.” and was created by God. He is not the opposite of God, as if Satan and God were on the same level but at opposite poles. God has no rival, and his Being is above all other existence. Satan is but an angel who is under the judgment of God. He tries to have power over Christians, but the Bible says that “He who is in you (believers) is greater than he who is in the world” (1 John 4:4).

Religions have written books about what they think he looks like and what Demons look like. However, the evil one isn’t red, with horns and a tail, nor does he look like a Halloween monster. Satan doesn’t have red-shrouded eyes or rubbery wings. These descriptions are meant to insult, denigrate and mock him. Contrary to claims that Satanism is “dark,” Satan appears dressed in a bright white robe to deceive.

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Who is Satan?

Demons, by their nature, are highly intelligent and can observe people and events closely, having a particular orientation as to what is likely to happen. Essentially, they can predict the future by a wide margin, not because they know something hidden but because they can observe and give a general prediction like any intelligent human.

Satan and his followers, the demons, are mysterious creatures of the spiritual realm. They torment us every day, though their actions are sometimes invisible to the eye. Scripture has much to say about Satan and his minions; over the centuries, the Church has grown in understanding these evil spiritual beings.

The Catechism declares that “Satan’s power is not infinite, however. He is only a creature, powerful in that he is pure spirit, but a creature nevertheless” (art. 395). In short, the rapture is no. Fallen angels, like the good, have no access to the future unless God reveals it to them; as Jesus says in Mark’s Gospel that “And of that day and hour no one knows, neither the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father” (Mark13:32).

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Origin of Satan

From the teaching about God as an entirely perfect Being, it is clear that whatever is brought into being by Him has been made good since He has no desire to build evil. Then where did the evil come from? From the pride of one of the most critical spirits, who had so high an opinion of himself that he thought to become equal to his Maker. In striving to achieve this coveted equality, he enticed many spirits to follow him in rebellion against the will of God.

Satan’s origin begins to be defined when he was removed from the face of God and thus became the prince of darkness; Satan set out to multiply his followers, tempting the firstborn to disobedience. In this way, he increased his dominion. Since ancient times, the Church of Christ has believed that the pride of one of the essential spirits has been the cause of the rise of evil both in the spiritual and material world.

The eternal salvation of mankind is closely linked to the overthrow of Satan and the ruin of evil in the world. The begetter of evil, this enemy of God and mankind, is portrayed in the Holy Gospel as, from the beginning, a man who did not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. When he speaks lies, he speaks from his lips, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

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Was Satan an angel?

Angelic beings are powerful spiritual creatures but have limited powers when it comes to physical matter. In most cases, demons perform visual tricks by negatively influencing our minds with illusions, making it appear that something is moving when it is not.

In the beginning, Satan was God’s most beautiful angel, one “covered,” the light,” but hostility toward God. Wickedness towards God is unforgivable not because God’s mercy has certain margins o boundaries but because man, turning away from God in a sylvan way, can reach the extreme limit of unforgiveness from which there is no return.

All angels are pure spirits, meaning they do not possess a physical body. Although, sometimes, they can take on the appearance of a human or other creature. The visible form is often presented in scripture or stories as a facade, a mask they put on so we can see them with our eyes. Otherwise, they are naturally invisible creatures.

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What is Satanism?

Many people wonder: “What is Satanism? Are there people who worship this evil character in the Bible, Satan? What is the Satanic Bible? What is the truth about satanic rituals? Who are the leaders of such groups, and what kind of people join them? What are the values or ethics of Satanists? What are their goals, plans, and aims?”

Satanism is a pagan religion that worships the Devil. Terms like “Satanism,” “satanic,” and even the name “Satan” encompass a wide variety of ideological, philosophical, and spiritual beliefs (of course, some Christian dogmatists may feel revolted by the association of satanism, spirituality, and philosophy). Although very different in form, “satanic” organizations use the same terminology. There are several ways of classifying satanic groups according to their behavior and beliefs.

Exposed by modern inquisitors (including on the internet), even in its most innocent human manifestations, Satanism is the most contested religion today, regardless of its forms. Satan, unrecognized or unrecognized by all satanic groups, is designated in the Jewish and Christian faiths as God’s greatest enemy and the worst evil in things such that many people fear or are intrigued by the various incarnations of Satanism, especially those present in Satan worship and Satanic symbols.

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When was Satan born?

The Bible creation story is when God proclaimed the universe’s beginning. The first two chapters are impressive views of order, wholeness, and prosperity. Not surprisingly, the Creator, whom He created, questioned and announced that everything was “perfect” (Genesis 1: 31).

The Bible mentions that God created Satan at the Universe’s beginning. So we can assume that Satan was born 13.8 billion years ago and has been harming and dests. There is no explicit and precise description of Satan’s origin in the Bible.

There is no precise prescription of Satan’s origin in the Bible. Presumably, he began to exist sometime after the establishment of God’s perfect world (Genesis 1: 31). And before his appearance in the Garden of Eden, the serpent (Genesis 3: 1). Although we don’t know, we can state with some confidence at least the following five things.

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How old is Satan?

Astronomers have calculated that the universe formed 13.73 billion years ago (plus/minus 120 million years). In scientific terms, it was created by a massive explosion called the Big Bang. Astronomers seek to discover the structure and behavior. And the evolution of existing matter and energy. For Christians, the Universe was created by God. And is infinite in space and is supposed to have an end in time until the coming of Jesus Christ.

According to historical sources, Satan is 13.8 billion years old. According to Scripture, God created Satan when He created the Universe, and once the angel revolted against the King of Heaven, Satan was allowed to do all the evil on Earth.

Two places in the New Testament the time when the angels rebelled against God and fell into darkness and evil: the angels who sinned did not spare, but cast them hellish darkness, and gave watch for judgment. (2Pet.2: 4) The angels who did not keep their righteousness. But he left their habitation in everlasting chains under darkness, to the judgment of the great day.

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Is Satan real?

There is a likely allusion to Satan’s fall from heaven in the book of Isaiah when the prophet describes God’s judgment against the use of Babylon, exquisite language too glorious to describe a person.

According to the biblical accounts, men’s personal experiences, and priests’ statements, Satan is real. Satan strategizes to defeat us, to take us to hell, to make us go astray even though we are on the way to salvation, and to keep people away from Jesus Christ. He has strategies trying to defeat us.

The devil (sometimes known as Satan or Lucifer) is an angel who has rebelled against God. He is the enemy of God and mankind, relentlessly focused on his mission: to enslave us. We are warned: “Wake up! Watch! Your enemy, the Devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.”

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What does the Devil look like?

The Catechism of the Catholic Church states, “The Church teaches that Devil was originally a good angel created by God.” He is traditionally called Lucifer or the light bearer (Isaiah 14:12-15). The Church also has different traditions about what kind of angel Satan was.

The Devil, also called Lucifer, looks like the most beautiful angel of light. Nowhere in Holy Scripture does it say that the Devil has horns, hooves, or donkey ears. These ideas come from people’s imaginations or legends. The terms from the animal kingdom that the Bible uses in connection with Satan a.’ ‘dragon’ and ‘serpent.’ However, artists have used various images to depict Satan, such as a dragon, snake, or other mythological creatures.

St Thomas Aquinas argues in the Summa that “Cherubim is interpreted as the fullness of knowledge, while Seraphim me.” those were.” Heruvim derives from knowledge, compatible with the sin of death, and Seraphim signifies the warmth of charity, incompatible with the sin of death. Thus, the first angel who sinned is called not Seraphim but Cherubim. In any case, there is no dogmatic statement by the Church about the origin of Satan.

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Is the Devil in the Bible?

The Bible doesn’t talk much about the Devil – who he was and where he came from. Instead, it emits much about what Satan does, about his character.

The Devil is mentioned.” in the significant two.” Two important scriptural passages in the Bible talk about Satan in terms of his origin and character before man’s fall into sin: Isaiah 14:12-15 an,d Ezekiel 28:11-19. Also, here are the reasons why Lucifer becomes the Devil.

Isaiah describes him: “how art thou fell from heaven, O bright shining light, son of the dawn! How art thou cast down to the earth, thou conqueror of the nations! You said in your heart: “I will ascend into heaven, I will raise my throne above the stars of God, I will sit on the mountain of the assembly of the gods, at the end of the midnight hour; I will ascend to the top of the clouds, I will be like the Highest.” But you have been cast into the abode of the dead, into the depths of the grave!”

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who is satan

Beliefs about Satan

  1. His day is Monday
  2. Its colors are blue, red, and black.
  3. He is the Sumerian God EA, also known as ENKI, which means “Lord of the Earth.” He is also known for sacred animals
  4. The sacred animals to him: are the peacock, snake, goat, dragon, and raven.
  5. His numbers are 13, 666, and 4 (666 represents perfection and eternal life).
  6. His zodiac signs are Aquarius – the water bearer; and Capricorn – the goat (the Age of Aquarius is the age of the ascension of mankind).
  7. His planets are Uranus and Venus (the Morning Star). Its directions are both south and east.
  8. The day of the year that is most important to him is December 23, when the Sun reaches one degree in Capricorn. The first day after the Winter Solstice is his day and should be observed by every dedicated Satanist.

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The War between Satan vs. God

The nature of the war between God and Satan is even clearer from the fact that in the conception of the early Christians, the present world, seen and unseen, created by God positively and freely, is the only real world for man. The world of unborn, beginningless, timeless, and hypostatic ideas is a non-existent philosophers’ delusion. “The two trees of life and knowledge were not on another earth, but only in Heaven. That Heaven is earth and was planted on earth, Scripture tells us.

There has always been a war between heaven and hell, also known as Satan vs. God. But God told John to note in Revelation that there would be a war of heaven with hell for eternity. And Michael and his angels would fight the dragon, Satan. And the Devil and his angels will also fight, but they will not prevail.

As in the case of the protopathic, the pre-resurrection flesh of Christ was neither uncorrupted nor under the power of death. This is why Christ is the second Adam. He suffered well, never under the devil’s dominion over the devil and sin. On the contrary, Christ’s deity has trampled death and destroyed Satan’s kingdom by bringing the dead to life. Christ is the Archangel entrusted, the Holy of Holies being the door of the Father through which Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, the Prophets and Apostles, and the Church enter.

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Primary Takeaways

  • The devil is referred to in dozens of in the holy book, yet people have long since lost track of his name andropause. He has hidden many things around us, and we find it hard to tell him apart. The devil’s name is often associated with a series of sins people commit, with the errors they make: the devil is associated with pride, idolatry, temptation, fornication, or mania.
  • The devil’s slight wear is hilariously minor compared to God’s. Yet he is a considerable threat to people and can ruin a primary’s life.
  • Satan’s primary tactic in destroying us is to deceive us. He seeks to deceive the whole nation, the world, and individuals separately. He distorts what is accurate and his power in his lies.

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God Himself created the Devil. Biblical references show us that the devil can possess people, tempt them, push them to evil, and work through them. The devil uses people to fight God. We know him best through Jesus’ temptation in the desert: “Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil” (Matthew 4:1). The devil’s main characteristic is cunning because he can turn himself into an angel of light, and deceive. “And no wonder, for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. It is no great thing if his servants also pretend to be servants of righteousness. Their end will be according to their deeds.” (2 Corinthians 11:14-15)

In the Bible, the devil is also called the master of this world, “the master of the worlds,” because he is the one who gives us fleeting pleasures and keeps us from eternal life: “Now is the judgment of this world; now the master of this world will be cast out” (John 12:31).