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Who is the first man in the world? Why was Adam created?

Let us recall the history of  the first man in the world Adam, in which we find the image of man’s initial settlement in obedience to God. As well as man’s fall, through disobedience, from the spiritual relationship with God. Disobedience implies emancipation, separation, rebellion, empowerment, and the like. These are equivalent to man’s departure from God’s will. He was made to live with God and feed on God, and he dies once separated from God. The reality of people’s rebellion and wandering from God is present in the insistent calls of the Old Testament prophets to God’s people. 

Adam is the first man in the world. God created him to populate the planet and give birth to true worshippers. We know that God started creation in the presence of the first man in the Garden of Eden. He was Adam. Adam’s disobedience brings the fall from a relationship with God and the perversion of human nature.

All men will inherit this fallen nature, damaged by separation from God through disobedience. The lifting of men from the state of disobedience will be accomplished by God sending His Son into the world. The importance of obedience as an essential element in recovering and remaining in a relationship with God is emphasized in the life and teaching of the Saviour Christ.


Biography of Adam

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