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Who Was Amaziah and Why Is He Important to Christianity?

The story of Amaziah is extremely important to Christianity. Although it does not get as much recognition as it should, all Christians should know about it one way or another. To understand history, you must first know that sometimes people confuse events and individuals because they have the same names. In the Holy Bible, there are four men named Amaziah. The first one is a descendant of Simeon.

The second one is the great-great-great-great-great-great-grandson of Levi. The third is a false prophet who opposed Amos during King Jeroboam II’s reign. However, only one is known for being the “king of Judah.” Even though he is dubbed the one who served God but “not with a whole heart,” he respected God’s will.

He is known for seeking out those who killed his father and showing them the same mercy as they did his father. Still, he left their children unharmed because he respected the Book of Moses, in which the Lord said, “Fathers shall not be put to death for sons, nor sons be put to death for fathers, but each shall be put to death for his sin.” The story of Amaziah is a considerable warning against idolatry.

Even though he respected God’s wishes, he only did so half-heartedly. He created his own “God” that he idolized. He is nowadays remembered in Christian history for showing God’s followers everywhere that worshiping another “God” is not the same as following the real God. That would only mean you are lying to yourself.


What Is the Story of Amaziah?

Sadly, this story is not a happy one, but it teaches us to appreciate God in all of His glory, and it urges us to beware of the dangers of idolizing a fake “God.” Despite the story having a dark or sad ending, note that the Scripture never candy-coats history. Instead, it tells it as it was so that we can all learn from it and stop repeating it.

The story starts when Amaziah’s father is assassinated, and he wants revenge; he seeks vengeance. So the second he became king, after his father’s death, he killed the servants who took his father’s life. First, however, he showed mercy to their children. Then, he wanted to start a war with a king much more significant than he was. But God sent him one of his men, unarmed, to warm him about this battle.

He told Amaziah that if he proceeded, he would meet his end and didn’t need an army to win a battle; he only needed God, as only He had the power to help.

The king of Judah didn’t want to lose the money he paid for the mercenaries, even though the man of God told him, “God has much more to give you than this.” So it is important to remember that the things you will gain from trusting God are much bigger than the losses you will face if you give something up.

However, Amaziah didn’t listen, sought different “Gods” to idolize, and completely turned away from our one true God. And in doing so, he was faced with a tragic end. His story teaches us that you can never succeed on your own. You need God on your side.


Why Did Amaziah Turn Away from God?

You find your identity when you focus on your true purpose here on Earth, believing in God and trusting His ways. This story teaches us one thing. You have two choices when giving only half of your heart to Him: one is to return to God fully and ask for His forgiveness, therefore earning your place next to Him. The other is to completely turn your back on Him and suffer the consequences.

The king of Judas thought he could bypass God and His ways and still win, despite the man of God warning him to fully turning away from God. And idolizing other “Gods” would only cause him and his kingdom harm. But, unfortunately, he was too consumed by revenge, vengeance, and his ego to understand that his only viable way to win whatever he wanted was to trust in His Holiness.

As a result, he made a grave mistake that ultimately cost him his own life. As a result, the lesson we have to learn is that idolizing a false god will lead to destruction.

Humankind was not made to worship gods. If you pay close attention to history, you will see that men were highly wrong each time they thought they could elude God. God is omnipresent. He sees us all, He loves us all, and most importantly, He always gives us a second chance. The king of Judas failed every time God tried to help him. And now, we study his story, so we never repeat his mistakes. Give glory to our God, and you shall always win.


How to Make Sure You Give Your Whole Heart to God

Sometimes hoping to win something or trying to prove you are better than others, you tend to forget your purpose is much bigger than an empty win for your ego. God puts all of us on Earth as His followers for a reason. So if you ever wondered how to ensure you live life as God intended, you are on the right path.

Remember those who turn their backs on His Holyness, never have second thoughts. Seeing yourself as He sees you truly matters in God’s eyes. And to trust Him that you will be just fine despite what challenges you are meant to face.

Constantly asking Him to forgive you for your sins. And acknowledging them is also a significant step to proving you trust Him entirely. It is only your trust and love that God needs. As long as you live true to that and you don’t go looking for false gods, you will find yourself next to the Holy Father in Heaven. Once your spirit leaves your Earthly form.