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Who was Mark the evangelist? What is the main message of the Gospel of Mark?

What was Mark the Evangelist known for?

Undoubtedly, Mark, the Apostle, performed many miracles to bring to the good faith of the pagan peoples he was called to convert. The ordination of clerics was also an essential component of the apostolic mission because it helped to deepen the righteous faith of the baptized and, at the same time, was a basis for subsequent conversion.

The beloved apostle Mark preached Christ throughout Egypt and Libya. And Varvara and the Pentapolis wrote his Gospel in the days of Tiberius Caesar. Apostle Peter translated it to him and went to Cyrene the Pentapolis; he worked many miracles.

The idol worshippers do not like to see their faith in Christ increase. Bound him with nooses and dragged him away, and his flesh was torn on the stones, and his blood reddened the ground. And when they had put him in the dungeon, the Lord appeared to him. They told him beforehand the greatness he was to receive, and they bound him again at daybreak. And dragged him through the streets again. And so he was broken and torn by the stones, and gave his soul to God.

Is Mark an apostle of Jesus?

Mark is considered an apostle of Jesus and one of the four evangelists, thus being attributed to the Gospel of Mark. The lion represents his specific symbol, and his relics can be found in San Marco in Venice. This also explains the presence of the lion as a symbol of Venice; Saint Mark is the city’s protector. There is no reliable historical source to show that the author of the Gospel of Mark was named Mark, as his Gospel was published anonymously.

Throughout his life, Mark spread the works of Christ throughout Egypt, Libya, and elsewhere. Returning to Alexandria, he met some Christians at Vucoli. And began to spend his time spreading his faith in God and His word. When they saw them, a band of pagans despised Christians. And were envious of his growing confidence in Christ, tied St. Matthew with stakes and began to drag him until he gave up the spirit.

Why is the Gospel of Mark so important?

The most important thing about Mark’s Gospel is the particular content, which describes the Savior’s activity towards His fulfillment, not through words, but through the miracles He performed. Christ is received by the people joyfully, then condemned to death.

Therefore, the second canonical Gospel in the New Testament is that of St. Mark. It is the shortest of the Gospels, the most concise, and expressive. Its author is Mark, who also bears the name John, which is mentioned many times in the books of the New Testament under the Hebrew name of John and the Roman name of Mark.

who was mark the evangelist

He was from Jerusalem, where his mother, Mary, had a house, where the Saviour and His disciples ate the Last Supper, and where the Holy Eucharist was instituted. In addition, Mark knew the Lord Christ, saw Him, and heard Him. He and his mother were part of a wider circle of the Lord’s disciples. The fact that St. Peter escaped from prison in a beautiful way, where Herod Agrippa threw him. In the year 44, he comes to Mary’s house, where many Christians are gathered. This means that this house was a Christian center now and was before.

How did Mark the evangelist die?

He had suffered martyrdom in northern Africa at Bokalia. In 68 AD, on the feast of the Resurrection. A sea of pagans who were at the same time having a banquet in honor of the God Syrabis attacked the church at Bokalia, seized Saint Mark, tied him up with a thick rope, and dragged him through the streets. In their madness, they tore the Saint’s flesh, scattered all over the city, along with the Apostle’s blood. Afterward, Mark was imprisoned overnight in a dark prison.

who was mark the evangelist

Then the Angel of the Lord appeared and said to him, “Mark, good servant, rejoice, for your name has been written in the Book of Life. And you have been numbered among the saints.” Shortly afterward, the Saviour himself appeared to him and gave him peace. The following day, the pagans dragged Saint Mark out of prison, tied his neck with a thick rope, and dragged him over rocks and stones. Finally, he gave his pure soul into the hands of the Lord and received the crown of martyrdom. When the pagans wanted to burn his body, the Saviour sent a mighty storm, and they fled in fear.

Prayer to St Mark

Marvelous Saint Mark,
we are coming to your presence
through the grace of Jesus Christ
who died on the cross for our sins
you became a great Evangelist and writer,
preaching the Good News of Christ.
Help us to meet Christ and repent
Because we want to be in the
Holy Presence of God.

Primary Takeaways

  • The Gospel of Mark is the second canonical Gospel of the New Testament, written by the Apostle Mark.
  • Mark was first a disciple of John the Baptist
  • Mark is associated with a lion
  • Mark’s first name was John

Biography of Mark

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