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Who was Queen Jezebel? Jezebel eaten by dogs

About this queen named Jezebel, we know that she is not a typical Israelite. She is the most beloved daughter of the great king who ruled in the land of Sidon. Jezebel hates the Lord God, and she is the one who seeks to kill many of the Lord’s prophets. If the wicked queen desires something, she does not shrink from killing even to get what she wants. Yet Jezebel worships the false God Baal and influences Ahab and many Israelites also to worship Baal. The Bible mentions that she was thrown out the window and eaten by hungry street dogs. This was God’s lesson for all her misdeeds.

We don’t know any other details about Jezebel, but she was not a woman who pleased God. By reading this article, you will learn that she ordered Elijah to be caught and killed. Or myths about Queen Jezebel, who later became a demon. Because she was possessed to destroy God’s prophets worldwide, she believed Baal to be the living and true one. She was a pagan.

Who is Jezebel, and what did she do?

In the Bible, only two women are named Jezebel. The first is the Empress, wife of Ahab, King of the Northern Kingdom of Israel, and the second woman mentioned by Jezebel is a prophetess of the Church of Thyatira. Jesus called her Jezebel, but her behavior was undoubtedly horrible. Just as the daughter of Ethbaal did almost a millennium ago with the Israelites. Few women in biblical history have had such a vile character as Jezebel, and few have ended up like her. God’s reward for her rebellion and pride.

Jezebel is a woman from the world of pagan people. She is the most horrible and fearless negative woman in the Bible. Jezebel ordered and killed all the prophets of the Lord except Elijah.

Jezebel is ready to make any sacrifice to carry out her plan and finally land. She threatens, blackmails, uses harsh words and unfounded accusations, and can even banish the prophets of the Lord, replacing their ministry with a kind of spiritual power. The spirit of Jezebel can possess any person who does the work carelessly.