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Why do Christians marry young? Find your answers

Why do Christians marry young? Christ encourages His followers to marry young for amazing reasons. And to live in such a moral way that at the end of your journey. He will reward you with the crown you deserve. Through marriage, we enter a space. Where we have the opportunity to round our corners and train ourselves. 

People are asked to practice virtues in marriage. So that it will be easy to live with saints and angels and for them to take them into their “space”. In this way, we, human beings can transform boredom into patience. Nervousness into energy and dynamism of the will to good. We can become more forgiving and become ennobled by love.

 Why do Christians marry in the first place?

They marry out of love for God so that you can repent of your sins, so that you won’t commit them again, but, above all, so that you can learn the craft of divine love. You don’t marry so that you don’t… commit fornication, so that you won’t be alone so that you won’t be without heirs so that you won’t have someone to take care of you in sickness or old age so that you won’t sink into poverty. But you take that person because you believe it is your soulmate. Your better half. Of course, there are a lot of cases in which people are trapped in wrong relationships. But this is only the result of choosing wrong. 

Repentance is not a thing to be grasped. It is God’s command. Remember you are doing business with the God of this universe. You must be firmly convinced when you take this step. You cannot trample the Blood of Jesus underfoot.

Repentance means to renounce your earthly nature, your sin, to renew your life, your thoughts, your deeds. Repentance means to become from the old man, a new man. Washed in the Blood of Jesus Christ. For this, you can read Galatians 5.

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 Is church culture a factor for marriage?

Yes, Church culture owns one of the most important decisive influences for marrying young. If you are not married at the age of your thirties you are questioned pretty often why are you single. Also, you can hear a lot of fake news and rumors about you in your community. In the culture of Christianity, getting married young is normality. I believe that marriage it’s not defined by age. Why do Christians marry young?

As time goes by, fertility quality decreases and with it the chances of getting pregnant. The chance for a beginning of lower fertility in women is around the age of 33. That’s why some women marry earlier to be sure they will make children. God said in the Bible that we must multiply. That’s why God created males and females to be fruitful in this world.

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Do Christians marry to leave home?

Some Christians even marry to leave home. The Bible says that a man and a woman must separate from their parents when they marry. Many girls marry to get away from the environment they grew up in. Perhaps because of emotional factors. Or financial ones.

The information you will find below is extracted from a testimony of a 20 years old Christian woman about why she got married in her 20’s. She pointed out some important facts on why to marry at a fragile age.

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Why do people marry in their 20’s?

, A lot of people are asking me, why did you got married at 20?”, because people are thinking about the divorce rate. A lot can happen in your 20’s, but it is not a bad thing. Change is inevitable, and it’s something that you should embrace and be glad that you can transform yourself near your husband. Getting married young is not a bad thing if done properly. Love it will conquer all. I never imagined that a man could ever be so in love and so charming, I am the happiest person for my decision.

Marriage helps you to evolve and move towards maturity. Those who dispute this role attributed to marriage will always say that, on the contrary, marriage is the one that destroys the personality, this opinion being shared most often by men who believe that if they get married, they will become a kind of puppet of their wives. It’s a very wrong point of view. Marriage is the first step towards forming a strong personality.

Is getting married an evolution of your relationship?

On the other hand, getting married is also an evolution of your relationship. Marriage is the first step towards starting a family, so this moment must be taken seriously. Therefore, marriage is one of the most important stages of life, but to enter such a stage, both partners must feel fully prepared and ready to take responsibility, because marriage means the biggest compromise. I want to grow old with the person whom I love the most. Why not enjoy and spend every second of this life with the person you’re with?

I want to become the most humble, beautiful, and great version of myself, by his side. You will not be the same person you are within 10 years. Neither does your husband. When you get married young, you change and evolve over the essential years of your life and you can also share the changing experience.

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Why move with your partner? 

Moving with your partner is one of the last rituals of transition to adulthood – it’s nice to say “I love you” and get drunk on some stairs in the park at sunset, but it’s much truer to share the bathroom and bills. When you move in with someone, let the world know that you are sitting at your house up to a certain level, that you are entering a stage of life in which you might feel like and get married or have children, at some point.

We always fall asleep together and wake up together cuddling each other and I truly believe that this is one of the biggest blessings, we developed this as a relationship positive habit. Psychologists say that the right time is when the person who wants to take this step feels that the relationship has a future. When he feels that the other can be a long-term partner, he would qualify for the role of husband, respectively wife, possibly for the role of parent of his children. Each of us has different habits, good or bad and we accept ourselves.

Why accept your partner’s habits?

Because you need to offer them their space and accept their moods. “There was a time when I didn’t have to explain anything to anyone. Nobody wondered why I wanted to stay up until 3  and text different persons in the morning or why I went out after work. When you live with someone, you pay a kind of mental tax, because your partner has the right to know what you are doing.” said an anonymous. Habits can have a significant impact on a relationship. A habit can be defined as a behavior that we constantly repeat. We can create positive or negative habits, but from the moment we start putting them into practice, we will eventually become unconscious. It usually takes 30 days to turn a routine into a habit, whether it is a positive or a negative one.

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Does marriage help you live longer?

Yes. Marriage will help you live longer! It seems stupid, but a happy marriage also means a healthy lifestyle and numerous studies have shown that married people live longer than unmarried people. In the end, marriage will help you give a new meaning to your life. Marriage will help you to offer a new interpretation of life. To be more optimistic and responsible, both towards you and towards your spouse and children.

Next year we will celebrate for ourselves the Paper Wedding, the anniversary of 1 year of marriage: The paper is very fragile, you have to “treat it” with great care, so as not to break. Just as newlyweds must behave, for their relationship to pass the first threshold and… the test of time. So marrying at 20, with my soulmate was the best decision the biggest blessing of my life and I’m very sure that I will never regret it.” I hope you found answers to the question: why do Christians marry young?