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Why Do We Celebrate Christian Mothers Day?

A mother is the best friend that God has gifted you since the day you are born. Some could even argue that God’s angels on Earth are all mothers. There is truly nothing more magical than a mother’s love. And because they are always filled with love and work very hard to keep us fed, dry, warm, cozy, and healthy, they deserve a celebration. Christian Mothers Day is when we celebrate these majestic creatures, even though we all know a day is not enough to celebrate and praise them.

Our mothers deserve the world. They are the reason we are who we are now, they are constantly worrying about us, and they never stop loving us. Of course, God is always present and there next to us, but He probably created our mothers to ensure we have that extra layer of protection.

Like the Virgin Mary, mothers are the human vessels carrying humanity. And how could you spread God’s love with the world if you did not have new people to teach? Their job is complex and requires a lot of sacrifices, but they do it with so much love that you would never know.


When Do We Celebrate Mother’s Day?

Many countries all over the globe host different events and festivals to honor mothers everywhere. Some even made it a national day, and everyone probably celebrated it one way or another. However, it is crucial as Christians to always remember where certain traditions and customs originate from and what their meaning is. Known as “Mothering Sunday,” – Christian Mothers Day is the 4th Sunday of Lent.

Before, this was a day off when servants, usually daughters who left their homes, would visit their mothers. But, because generally, people love their mothers, this day off for children turned into a day out for everyone to celebrate mothers everywhere.

If you have read the Bible, you know that it teaches us to love, honor and respect our families, especially the mothers. And just like Jesus, who adored His mother, we must honor them for everything they did for us as babies. And although most of them, being mothers, would never want their kids to bother worrying about them, it’s always nice to let them know how important they are to you.

Some Christians also celebrate the Virgin Mary or Mother Mary on Mothering Sunday. Whatever situation you are in, if you have a mother to celebrate or sadly can’t celebrate because your mom is no longer with us, try to continue celebrating her. Remember, God has a plan for us, and the spirit never dies.

Chances are that your deceased mother’s soul is still guiding you, but instead of being your guardian angel on Earth, she became your guardian angel in the afterlife. So chances And don’t forget a mother’s love never dies. Just like Jesus, who is love, love is infinite.

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Does the Bible Mention Mothers?

The Bible mentions mothers, motherhood, family, and respecting your parents throughout your life. God Himself created the mothers to make the world a better place. There are multiple passages in the Bible letting followers know they should honor their mother. “Honor your father and your mother,” Exodus 20:12, “Every one of you shall revere his mother and father.” Leviticus 19:3.

While the Bible doesn’t specifically mention Christian Mothers Day, at least not as we now know it, it does mention celebrating motherhood. This is because mothers are considered gifts from God and should be treated as such.

Women are special to God because only a woman can bring more of His children into the world. This is because women are precious and selfless. Only they can care for a child they have never met, raise one with love and compassion, and worry about them until their last day on Earth.

A Jewish proverb says, “A mother understands what a child does not say.” So mothers feel our pain even though we try to hide it, and they always seem to know what to say. And these are just a few of the reasons that we celebrate Christian Mothers Day.


How Does the Church Celebrate Mother’s Day?

Churches from every corner of the world celebrate Christian Mothers Day. Depending on the church, it could either focus on honoring Jesus Christ’s mother, the Virgin Mary, for giving us the Son of God or generally give thanks and acknowledge all mothers for every little thing they do for their children so selflessly, every single day.

These celebrations usually mean that during service, the preacher will say a few words about mothers and their importance to humankind or that after said service, sometimes even before, the women in the church will receive flowers.

If you are having trouble giving your mother a gift this year, you must bring her to a Christian Mother’s Day service. She will enjoy the service; you can treat her to a delicious dinner. Strengthening your relationship with your mother is always a good idea. And what better way to do so than to accompany her to one of God’s houses – the church.

And if you count among those who can’t celebrate their mothers because she is sadly not walking God’s Earth anymore, go alone and try to pray for her.

The church is a great space for opening your soul up and letting go of negative emotions. Whether you want a piece of genuine advice from a man of God or to get away from the day-to-day life’s chaos, going to church will always make you feel refreshed when you walk out those doors. The best kind of therapy is talking to God.

And God always listens. So, even if there is nobody in your life whom you could celebrate Christian Mothers Day with, know that you can always take refuge in our Lord.