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Why God chose Noah?

God intended to call Noah to do an essential thing. Why did He have to do it? Why did God choose Noah? Because God had a plan in his heart at that time, and he planned to destroy the world with a burst. He says, “Earth was corrupt before God and full of violence.” Reading this article, you will understand why God chose Noah as His righteous man.

It is a phenomenon on the earth when the world and its people are corrupt to the extremes, and that is: “the earth was full of violence.” In today’s language, “full of violence” means that everything is a disaster.

What does a disaster for humanity mean?

For humans, it means that there is no order in all social classes and that things are somewhat chaotic and challenging to manage. In the eyes of God, it means that people in the world are too corrupt. To what extent are you corrupted?

To such an extent that God can no longer stand to look and can no longer be patient about it. So far, God has decided to destroy the world. When God determined to destroy it, he planned to find someone to build an arch. Then God chose Noah to do this, that is, to let him make an arch.

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Why did God choose Noah?

In the eyes of God, Noah is a true man, and no matter what God has to do, he will do it exactly. It means he will do whatever God tells him. He wanted to find someone like this to work with him, complete what he had entrusted, and complete his work on the ground. This is why did God choose Noah for his grand plan?

Was Noah worthy of saving?

Noah was the only true man worth saving in God’s eyes at that time, and from that, it was inferred that his wife, his sons, and his daughters were not all right, but God kept these men because of Noah. God did not ask them in the way he asks men now, and instead kept all eight members of Noah’s family alive. Why did Gochoosees Noah to be saved?

They received his blessing because of Noah’s righteousness. If Noah did not exist, none of them could have completed what God had entrusted to him. That is why Noe was the only person who had to survive the destruction of the world in the eyes of The Creator.

Who was Noah according to the Bible?

  According to Genesis, Noah was the son of Lamek and belonged to the ninth generation after Adam. God established an alliance with Noah and his sons.

“That every creature should no longer be and be destroyed by the waters of the flood. That there should be never a flood that would destroy the earth” (Genesis 9:11).

Was Noah a descendent of Adam?

 He was a descendant of Adam’s third son, Seth, must not be confused with Cain’s descendant Lamech, who should be vindictive for a murder “seventy times seven”; Lamech called him Noah (meaning “rest” in Hebrew).

The Bible says about Noah that he was unblameless among the people of his time. But why did God choose Noah? In a world that was taken over by evil, violence,corruptioni,andn. Noah was the single righteous man on Earth.

Noah was not merely a righteous man, though he was the only follower of God left on the ground. The Bible says it was unblameless among the people of his time. It is also written that he went with God.

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Noah’s ark

Noah’s Ark was not a boat but a huge ship! It was about 43.200 square meters long. 

Few wooden ships have ever approached the size of Noah’s Ark. A possible equivalent is the Chinese treasure vessels of Zheng he in the years 1400. An older competitor is the Tessaronteres Triream from ancient Greece. The Arch is close to the maximum size known to be possible for a wooden vessel.

What was the food of people from the ark?

The food of the people and animals on Noah’s Ark was grass, fruit, and vegetables. Given thship’s large sizeip, I think they had where to collect the products. The fan could have placed him in a layer up to 1,5 m high (only the height of a floor was 4,5 m).

Then, the fruit and vegetables for 8 people, even for a year, I don’t think it was impossible to store them in a ship. The world in the country once stored their credits for the whole family in a 6-10 square meter old-fashioned old case.

How many days have passed since the flood?

370 days have passed from the day they entered the ship to the day they left, so it was possible to live a year on a boat. God closed the door of the ship on day 17, second month, year 600 of Noah’s life (Genesis 7:11) and exited the ship on day 27, month 2, year 601 of Noah’s life (Genesis 8:13-14).

 The once Jewish calendar was made up of 12 months, each of 30 days. The ship was found for 12 months and 10 days, that is 370 days. (30X12+10=360+10=370).

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Noe’s achievements in the Bible

 The Bible describes Noah, as the only follower of God who remains in his generation, and his greatest achievement is creating the ark. This is why God chose Noah. After the flood, he becomes the second father of the human race. 

As an architecture engineer and shipbuilder. He put together an amazing structure, Such as never built before.
With a project length of 120 years. The building of the arc was a notable achievement. Noah’s greatest achievement was his faithful commitment to listening to glistening all his life days.

Hometown city

 The Bible does not say about his establishment. But it is said that after the flood, the wreck came to rest on the Ararat mountains, which are in Turkey today.

How many years did Noah live according to Bible?

 Matusalem was the oldest of the old Patriarchs of the Old Testament, although Noah lived up to 950 years, according to the same chapter of Genesis and Adam until 930. Before the universal flood, the stars were over hundreds of years, according to the biblical text.

What do we learn from Noah’s story?

  We learn from Noah’s story that it is possible to remain faithful and pray to God even in the middle of a corrupt and sinful generation. It was certainly not easy for Noah, but he found favor in God’s eyes because of his ascending subjection.
God blessed and saved Noah.
Like Noah, our obedience must be lived during a life of faithful engagement. And all those who persevere will finish the race and achieve their crown.
Several videos and newabout thehe Ark’s discovery in the Araratmountaint. I recommend you to watch the video below to understand more about this biblical fact:

Biography of Noah

Full name:Noah
Year of birth:around 2000 BC
Place of birthJohannesburg, Africa
Mother's name:Naamah
Father's name:Lamech
Children:3: Shem, Ham, Japheth
Death cause:Normal causes- age.
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