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Why is Mary Magdalene important? Her relationship with Jesus

Mary Magdalene’s story begins with a gift. Jesus gave her freedom, escaping from an awful nightmare life. She was important because she was one of the most beloved disciples of Jesus. In those days, the influence of demons was powerful. Evil spirits attacked many people; some were even possessed by devils, who took control of them. We don’t know how the demons influenced Mary Magdalene, but we know that the poor woman had been possessed by seven evil and perverse spirits that had power over her. And Jesus Christ freed her. (Luke 8:2) Reading this article, you will understand why Mary Magdalene is important.

Maria Magdalene was finally free, ready to start a new life. But how could she show gratitude? She became a disciple of Jesus, following Him with loyalty. She also offered to help when she noticed a need from the apostles of Christ. Jesus and the apostles needed food, clothing, and a place to sleep overnight. They were not rich, nor were they working to maintain themselves. So to focus on the teaching and prediction activity, they needed material support which she and other women offered. She also has been witnessed Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection.

Why was Mary Magdalene so important?

Maria Magdalene has always been one of the most popular saints. From the earliest times, it was seen in Scripture as the woman who, together with Jesus’ Mother, shared with the apostles the rare and essential privilege of being with the Lord. She was called the “Apostle of the apostles,” the “friend,” and even the “wife” or lover of Christ, a sinful woman who loved a lot and was forgiven a lot.

Who was Mary from Magdala?

The Middle Ages said that Maria Magdalene (Mary from the Magdala) appears in the Bible as a disciple of Christ by contracting her person and expanding her history simultaneously. First, in the Gospel written by Luca, the first woman healed by Jesus Christ was possessed by seven devils. And then she followed Him everywhere.
Mary was present when Jesus revived Lazar, which strengthened her faith. She is the only person who followed Jesus on his arrest at Pilate’s court and attended the trial.

In Luke, Jesus walked through the cities and villages, preaching and benevolent the Kingdom of God, and the twelve were with him. Some women whose wicked spirits and diseases had healed: Maria, called Magdalena, from which seven demons had emerged, and Ioana, Huza’s woman, an icon of Irod, Suzana, and many others that served them from their wealth.”

This is how the incredible women began to emerge, who was, at the origin, women who had gathered around the Mother of King Jesus. Jesus Christ, we find out, He healed seven demons, which occurs several times in the Gospel. It was about passions and the possession of unclean spirits. Other cases are told when two men walked naked between the graves and self-mutilated. They were ill-kept in chains and broke them off because they had superhuman forces. At that time, some manifestations were also in the psychiatric area; they could be manifestations of some mental diseases.

Mary Magdalene meets Christ.

Healed by seven demons, probably when Jesus Christ met Mary Magdalena, there was an exorcism episode. Otherwise, the apostles could not say that healing seven demons was possible.

The number seven is impressive because seven are the Holy Bulls, seven gifts of wisdom, seven days of the week.

It is possible that Master Himself told the apostles that He healed seven demons. As in other evangelical accounts, He tells the disciples that these are or are not possessed of the devil. And describes them as the spiritual condition of the saved ones. Perhaps that is why Mary Magdalene decided to remain in service of the Lord, like many others who, meeting with Christ, chose to follow Him. And so the group kept the sea, and besides the apostles, women came. 

But there is also confusion. because his name was mentioned e in the group of incredible women. There is Mary Magdalene and Mary, Mother of The True Son of God, and the Gospel also speaks of other women called Mary.

Was Mary Magdalene a prostitute?

Maria Magdalene was not a prostitute, the Church and the Gospel did not confuse them, but the apocrine literature also makes them the tradition unrecognized by the church, as Maria Magdalena would have been a prostitute whom Jesus healed when the Pharisees say they should have been stoned. And then Christ says, “he who is without sin to throw a stone.”

Why is Mary Magdalene important

The Gospel does not mention that this woman would have remained in the group of women. But some springs say they would have stayed. At one time, three women wipe Yahshua’s feet with wonder and expensive oil and then with their hair. About the healing of Mary Magdalena of demons who possessed her with perverted thoughts, we find out from the Gospel of Luca and Marcu.

Was Mary Magdalene Jesus’s wife?

Mary Magdalene was not the wife of Jesus even if the Gospel records the fact that Christ first showed himself to Mary Magdalene, and from here came a theory that she would have been very close to our Lord, and further on the view are the rumors that she would even have been His wife, this is why He showed Himself alive to her in the first time.

Those who make this statement have not carefully read the Gospels, where we find that Mary Magdalena comes at least twice to His grave. And she is not the only one in this situation. There are only two in some of the accounts; in others, all the women miraculously grease Yahsuah’s body to come to His grave. Yeshua told them, “enjoy,” and they seized His feet and rejoiced. “do not be afraid. Go and tell my disciples to go to Galilee, and there they will see Me,” said Jesus.

Jesus reveals Himself twice to Mary from Magdala.

The disciples didn’t believe; this is how Peter and John went to the grave and Maria Magdalene. He also goes with them to show them the empty tomb. They see the empty tomb, the Gospel reports, and leave in surprise and fear. Maria Magdalene remains beside the grave, crying. And when she was crying because she was not believed, Yaisuah is again shown to her, the evangelists note.

Last time, she goes to the tomb with all the women, as Marcu notes. “not because she did not believe, that she had seen the empty tomb and had seen Christ. The proof is that when they get there, I see an angel in white-clothed standing on the right side.

Why did Maria Magdalene, Mary, and the other miraculous people come to the tomb? They had come to open the vault and soften it.

The Dead Sea manuscripts

Many of the deeds of Jesus were not recorded immediately but later. Many evangelists were present, but many noted what they heard from the others. Not all of them were together with Christ on all occasions because they were sent to preach faith in other cities. In addition to the group of 12 apostles, there was also the group of 70 apprentices. They also wrote the lives and miracles of Jesus Christ.

In the case of the events mentioned above, there have been recorded events related to the disciples. This is how apocultures, and religious writings, the authenticity of which is questionable, appeared. Many apocrine have been lost. But references have been found in the famous manuscripts of the dead Sea, which relate to Yaisuah. Since the quiet death, the monks had learned about the Yaisuah prophet. And this is where Maria from Magdala, too, appears, who has no clear status. Some writings give it as she was very close to Him, but “close” is a term that can describe anything: close at souls or flesh.

Was Mary Magdalena ever married?

The fact that Mary Magdalene was close to the Mother of God and that she had a double meeting with the Savior made it clear by some testimonies that she would have been closer to Yaisuah than she would be at first sight.

We understand that Jesus Christ showed Himself to the Mother of the Lord. But why should Mary Magdalena also be there? At the grave, Yahshua also quarreled with Mary Magdalene for her unbelief and for not persisting in confessing his resurrection. The evangelical sources say nothing about the fact that Maria Magdalena, who died in the city of Eph, was married or had children. But as she was part of the mironous women group. She had no degree of decadence, very clearly. While the other women established their identities, it was said that she might be the lover or wife of Christ. 

Why did Da Vinci paint Mary Magdalene?

Another conspiracy theory points to Leonardo da Vinci’s famous painting, “The secret dinner,” where the Apostle John has a feminine face. Da Vinci painted Mary because he thought she was Yaishua’s woman. So it was assumed that Mary Magdalene was there, not the Apostle.

We don’t know why Leonardo Da Vinci painted several female apostles; he painted a scene in renaissance style—and heated to play a biblical set. But if Maria Magdalena is near Yahsuah, where is the 12th Apostle?

Why is Mary Magdalene important

In the days of the winch, there was the conspiracy theory, and the secrets of the Vatican were spoken of. The Vatican until 1054 didn’t even exist; it was the same episode in Rome. The first manuscripts were the Gospel. And the first to reach Rome were Peter and Paul. None record any lover or wife of Jesus Christ.

The information from above helps us to follow that the participation and presence of Mary Magdalene, despite censorship, is very significant in the real moments of Jesus’s public life. 

Biography of Mary Magdalene

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