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Why Is Nicodemus In the Bible?

Nicodemus in the Bible was a member of the Jewish ruling council and a teacher who taught the law to Israel’s population. He is mentioned three times in the Gospel of John. The first time he was mentioned, we found out that he visited Jesus one night, seeking to be educated by Him. The second time he is mentioned, he is reminding his fellow colleagues that in order for a person to be judged.

A person deserves a chance to explain himself and be heard. And the third time he is mentioned, he comes to help Joseph of Arimathea to bury Jesus Christ’s body. After His crucifixion properly.

Nicodemus is extremely important to Christians because he was an educated man who believed in God. After witnessing the miracles, Jesus Christ performed before his eyes, “Rabbi, we know that you are a teacher who has come from God. For no one can do these signs that you do unless God is with that person.”

He wanted to see and meet God. And he knew the only way to do so was to ask Jesus Himself about the Holy Father. He was also the man who advocated for Jesus at his trial. Hoping his pleas would ultimately free Him.


Why Did Nicodemus Come to Jesus, At Night?

It is speculated that Nicodemus in the Bible, came to talk to Jesus during nighttime. Because he was ashamed to be seen with Him. Or because those who did not believe in the Holy Father would judge him.

Therefore, he would lose his status as a “teacher of teachers.” Although he was known as “the teacher,” when he presented himself in front of Jesus Christ, he asked to be “taught” about God and wanted to know if it would be possible for him to meet God.

Jesus told him that in order to meet the Almighty Father, you needed to be reborn. “Very truly, I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God without being born from above.”

Shocked at this answer, Nicodemus questioned how one might be born once again. Jesus then told him that in order to be born again. Sitting in Heaven next to God, you need to prove your love to Him. He told Nicodemus that God loves the world so much that He has sent His only son to save the world. And bring humans to hope that they can be reborn if only they carry out His will.

Nicodemus in the Bible was taught that only by having faith in God. And by putting your trust in Him, you are able to ascend to Heaven, where you get to experience eternal life.

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What Does the Story of Nicodemus in the Bible teach us?

Nicodemus was a respected man and one of the few who had a thirst for knowledge. What sets him apart from the others is his curiosity about the Almighty Father. He was not a Christian, per se. He was not a follower of Jesus, yet he believed Jesus Christ was different from the other people. And, at least, suspected that He had some God-like powers, having witnessed some of them.

And although Nicodemus in the Bible could not quite understand the ways of God and how the Divine works, he was willing to be educated. Therefore he sought Jesus.

Nicodemus was a man of logic, but he knew in his heart that his brain could never fully grasp what God’s plan was. And how it all came into place, but he did not oppose it. He was eager to find out how to reach God. You could think of Nicodemus as the first person to be both terrified by God. And in love with the idea that someone is looking out for humanity. And wants to save them, granting them eternal life.

He is important to Christians today because, after his conversation with Jesus Christ, he changed his mindset and became a follower of His.

Nicodemus, despite being a member of the Sanhedrin, became a Saint and is to this day celebrated as one by Christians everywhere for his actions. But only after being taught by Jesus. Nicodemus in the Bible assisted Joseph of Arimathea after Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and was among those who took His body off the cross. And prepared it for a proper burial.


Why Is Nicodemus Considered a Saint By Christianity?

Although in the beginning, Nicodemus was not a firm, devoted Christian, after having that conversation with Jesus, everything changed. In trying to understand something much greater than humanity itself – God’s will, he had a change of heart.

He finally understood that God’s power is infinite. And trying to grasp just how mighty He truly is would be pointless. So instead, Nicodemus tried to live the rest of his life, dedicating it to God, hoping that one day he would get to see Him at Heaven’s gates.

Nicodemus shows Christians everywhere that it does not matter where you come from; you, too, can be saved. He became a Saint, despite his background. People praise him today because he wanted to give Jesus a just trial and stood up for Him. He is advocating for His freedom. He is also remembered for being one of those who took care of Jesus Christ’s body after His death.

Remember how at first, Nicodemus in the Bible was scared to be seen with Jesus and came to Him at night? This time, when he came to help take care of His body, he came as a believer who does not care what others think. This time, he had faith.

Nicodemus is proof that everyone can be saved and everyone can change. Although he was an intelligent man who relied on logic for all of his life, one brief encounter with Jesus turned his life upside down. He had to face reality. He had to face the fact that not everything can be explained by logic.

And humans who barely understand human things could never understand Godly things. Therefore the best possible outcome for a human is to believe and have faith that God will protect them and open Paradise for them.