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Will God bless a second marriage? Is remarriage a sin?

Nowadays, more and more people are facing divorce. Unfortunately, they lose their families, sometimes even their personalities, and all their positive emotions. I recently learned from a study that the average divorce rate in almost all countries is 62%.  Divorce is not the end of life or necessarily celibacy. But the Bible advises that if we divorce, it is better to stay single. It is the Apostle Paul who encourages abstinence. By reading this article, you will know that God can bless a second marriage and that divorce is seen as an ugly sin before God.

To avoid significant mistakes and not end up in divorce, it is helpful to understand its harmful effects and what produces emotional brokenness. 

If in Matthew, chapter 5, Jesus, the Son of God, had only meant to express that He agrees with the generally accepted reason for divorce, His statements about divorce would not fit in this context. He would not be bringing anything new. Jesus excludes this ground with the words, “the ground of sexual immorality is excluded.”

God disapproves of remarriage. Right in the Old Testament in Malachi, we see how God rejected divorce and remarriage: “Now this is what you do: you cover the altar of the Lord with tears, with weeping and wailing, so that He no longer looks to your food offerings and can receive nothing from your hands.

And if you ask: “What for? Because the Lord has been a witness between you and the wife of your youth, to whom you are not now faithful, even though she is the companion and wife with whom you have made a covenant! Has not one God given us the breath of life and preserved it for us? And what does that one ask? Godly seed! Take heed, then, in your minds, and let no man be unfaithful to the wife of his youth! “For I hate separation in marriage,” says the Lord God of Israel.”

Jesus’ words in Matthew’s Gospel, usually translated as “apart from the cause of fornication,” are not inconsistent with other New Testament texts that reject divorce. Although Old Testament law allowed divorce because of people’s sinfulness, divorce was never God’s will, and Jesus clarified what God’s will is in this matter.

The Bible considers it a sin to remarry. The only way you won’t sin is if you divorce on the grounds of adultery. This does not mean, however, that a person is obligated to stay with their spouse in all circumstances if the other spouse’s behavior is unacceptable. Separation may be necessary if the moral conduct of the other spouse is terrible. In some cases, the break may even take the legal form of a divorce. But even then, the marriage bond remains intact, and the obligation of marital loyalty with it. This means that God will not bless a second marriage which is not possible. Such a divorce, in which the marriage bond is dissolved and both partners are free to marry again, was rejected by Jesus.

Polygamy is a marriage affected by sin. It is sinful for a man to have two wives; for one, he will love more than the other. As a result of the fall into the sin of the first people, from monogamous bonding, polygamy came about; the first man to have two wives was Lamech, a descendant of Cain. Polygamy became widespread throughout the people of Israel, especially in the wealthier families. Thus, by the time of Moses, it was so ingrained in the people that he could not eliminate it. Given this, many of the prescriptions of the Jewish Law attempted to regulate marriage and its aspects. And, to some extent, it will succeed.

will god bless a second marriage


Can God bless a second marriage?

Marriage is a covenant before God to which they must remain faithful, even if one partner breaks that covenant. If the unbelieving partner separates from the believing partner, for whatever reason, and the believing partner remarries, they would not only be breaking the marriage covenant. Still, they would be drawing their “new” partner into the sin of fornication and adultery.

Since Christians share their material goods as an expression of brotherly love. The social status of a wife left by her husband is no longer an issue. She will not be left alone through early love and unity in the Church. God gives every Christian deep joy and fulfillment every day.

God may bless a second marriage. But only if they are by God’s will. Two Christians who wish to injure each other at a standard yoke. Both remarriage partners must move towards mutual support and a desire to avoid the mistakes of the first marriage. God wants us to live in peace in extreme circumstances, so God accepts a second marriage and blesses it.

Therefore, the family is the oldest human institution, the cradle of life and civilization, and the most appropriate environment for self-affirmation, self-fulfillment, salvation, and perfection.