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Your Identity in Christ | What Does It Mean?

During a person’s lifetime, it is common for specific questions to start flowing to the point that they start questioning their entire lives. Most people experience an identity crisis at least once, but it is essential to understand what you are going through and try to find your identity in Christ.

Everyone has a different view on life, and everyone deals with their problems in another way. The one constant, though, that you should never forget is Jesus Christ’s love for us and His protection.

No matter what you are going through, no matter what you are trying to recover from or heal from, never forget what truly matters and what will ultimately save you – Jesus Christ. Finding your identity in Christ is not as hard as it seems. People tend to feel unworthy of God’s love or overwhelmed by the fact that He could love “a nobody.”

It would be best to tell yourself that you will never be anybody to the Almighty Father. You are His child, and He will love you despite your actions here on Earth. You will be saved if you are aware of your sins and ask for His forgiveness.


What Does It Mean to Find Your Identity in Christ?

Your identity is yours and yours alone. You might sometimes feel scared and question your life’s purpose, but finding your identity in Christ means you trust Him and the path He has laid for you. Let Him guide you through life, and instead of constantly questioning if certain things are meant for you, start telling yourself, “God intended it this way.”

Everything happens for a reason, and He is the reason. Christianity relies on Him and His Holiness whenever the roads of life become rocky. Trust in Him; in the end, you shall see He was there with you all along, helping and protecting you.

Every person has their destiny, appointed by God Himself. If you are living, you are doing so because He wanted you to live. The way you move through life, your experiences, and how you react to hurt, grief, pain, love, and happiness are all part of a bigger plan. Remember, Jesus Christ had to carry the burden of the cross to the end of the road, where He took His last breath, only to come back stronger and show the world how powerful He is.

He experienced the ultimate sacrifice to save everyone. And although we don’t have to go through the same experiences as He did, you should realize that in one way or another, every person “carries their cross.” We all live with pain and “carry” it until our last day on Earth. That does not mean God punishes us; it simply means that we must go through some specific things to inspire ourselves or others to do great things and overcome them.

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Why Is Identity Important to Christians?

Identity is what makes each of us unique. It is also something special that ties us all together and brings us closer to God Himself. When you find your identity in Christ, you find enlightenment. You understand that you are in His hands and that He will take care of you. We are indeed God’s gift to Earth. Humanity was created so that we could serve The Lord. We are carrying His name from generation to generation and spreading the word of His Kindness.

In the Bible, we find that our identity in Jesus Christ is “a part of accepting His gift of eternal life through faith.” Therefore, He gave you a gift, the ultimate gift. By providing people with identities, He gave them life.

Did you ever stop to think, “why is everyone completely different? Why aren’t we all the same?” The brief answer is God. God put His trust in us and gave us something special so that we may carry it throughout our lives and teach it to someone else. We are all different because we each serve another purpose on Earth.

Finding your identity in Christ is essential for your self-esteem as well. Did you ever notice the confidence in every priest, every pope, and every leader of the church? Even though they are modest, humble, patient people sent from God to educate the population, they all walk confidently.

They never back down, and they are true to what they are. A priest will never be ashamed that he is a priest, even if standing in front of a President, a billionaire, or a celebrity. That is because they have found their identity in Jesus Christ.


How Are the Leaders of The Church so Confident?

As mentioned before, a priest knows their worth. They are not scared of anything and are not afraid or ashamed to tell anyone about their lives and who they are. People have found their true identity in Christ and know that only He can judge them when the time comes.

They are aware that they are only mortals and are only fulfilling God’s will for them on Earth. They are genuinely dedicated to the cause. Therefore all guilt and shame are erased. They know God is love and will accept them because He created them.

If you are having trouble finding your identity, try talking to a priest. If you have worse concerns and feel like you would interfere or bother them, try to observe a priest. Go to church, go to a Bible study and try to understand how they found their identities in Christ.

And once you find yours, you will be amazed how much your life can change simply because you decided to trust that you have a bigger purpose on Earth than everything that you imagined. Trust God. Trust His intentions, and let Him carry you through life.